Sofía Rivera Torres sends a message to Niurka: “It is an honor that the mother lies to me”

Sofía Rivera Torres has decided to continue playing rude even outside of The House of Celebrities. The driver was the second eliminated after having a run-in with Sergio Mayer, to whom she has not stopped making accusations.

At this week’s galas, Sofía has participated with a particular criticism: “Mayer cheats because he has a bot farm that votes for him when he is nominated.”

Although she has not presented evidence, this has provoked the animosity of several personalities, including Niurka, who accuses her of victimizing herself.

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Niurka thinks of Sofía manipulates through the version that she is a feminist and that is why they attack her.

In fact, at one of the galas, Sofía wanted to greet Niurka but she refused.

The star herself, Emilio Osorio’s mother, said that when she saw Rivera Torres coming with open arms and shouting “mamaniu” (Niurka’s nickname), she told him: “Stop, don’t do that, go back to your place.”

“The lady bothered me that she tried to blackmail, manipulate a subject as delicate as feminism. No! With me you don’t stop your neck and there is no hypocrisy, ”said Niurka on the Maxine Woodisde radio program.

Sofía Rivera Torres replied through her Twitter account with a conciliatory message.

“I have spent years reporting that Niurka’s mother lies to different people. For me it is an honor to be a part of this (not so select) list. Mama Niu, I respect you and love your son. He was always my compita and we got along super well ”.

In addition, he assured that despite what happened, the next time he meets Niurka he will do the same.

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