Some uses of cleaning alcohol

Some uses that can be given to cleaning alcohol.

1. Pest extermination

Dip or spray isopropanol on objects that are in contact with vermin or insects, such as pet collars or combs. The disinfectant effect kills some bacteria and viruses.

2. Maintenance of electronic and computer parts

Computer equipment is made up of tiny and delicate parts that require meticulous cleaning. Due to its cleaning power and solvent, it is preferable to use isopropyl alcohol.

When it evaporates, it does not leave residues and it is not so volatile, so it does not damage the pieces. The same happens with other electronics.

With a cloth moistened with isopropanol, sanitize LCD screens, 3D printers, optical disc drives, tablets, CD players and video game consoles.

3. Disappearance of bad smell

Apart from sterilizing, this kind of alcohol eliminates bad odors. Spray a little inside the shoes and notice how the scent changes.

4. Washing tiles and blinds

Isopropanol is efficient at removing mold from tile and dust buildup on blinds. However, they do not recommend it on all types of walls or floors.

In the case of tiles, blackened joints, marble floors or natural wood, white vinegar is better. Otherwise, mixing rubbing alcohol with other scents will clean and spread a good scent.

5. Remove stains

Paint, ink or acrylic marks on fabric come off with isopropanol. Smear and rub some of the liquid to remove the stain.