“Something brings their gloves”: “Barby” Juárez was dissatisfied after losing to “Cobrita” Luna

Mariana “Barby” Juárez lost the championship against Yulihan “Cobrita” Luna (Photo: World Boxing Council Instagram @wbcboxeo)

yulihan moon won the belt as the new World Boxing Council (WBC) bantamweight champion after beating Mariana Juarezbetter known in the boxing world as La “Barby”, who released some statements that stained the competition.

The decision was unanimous with cards that were in favor of Luna by 80-72, 80-72 and 79-73; enough for La “Cobrita” to take the victory in the Arena Oasis located in Cancun, Quintana Roowhere the public could be seen present, but only 20% due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to the newspaper THIS.

Despite the excellent job he did The “cobra” In the ring, by winning with fast boxing and completely dominating the match from start to finish, the controversy was present with repeated complaints about his opponent.

According to Mariana Juárez, the team of Yuliahn Luna would have used some tricks on his gloves, in his bandages or in the tapes, with which he would have been able to hit harder; However, nothing could be verified at the time, so he assured that he would go to the CMB.

“The gloves bring something and they know it. That the CMB sees it. I’ve been doing this for 21 years and never. You won, congratulations, may it last. I told you, I was not going to get off, I said it, I was going to finish and we checked it anyway”, said La “Barby” when interrupting the live interview of the current champion with the reporter of the sports channel TUDN.

WBC - WBC - Championship
Luna turned around and made the gloves, bandages and tapes available to any competent authority for their review. (Photo: World Boxing Council Instagram @wbcboxeo)

However, Luna turned around and made the gloves, bandages and tapes available to any competent authority for their review. She assured that both she and her team know what the life of an athlete is, who must know how to recognize themselves in both victory and defeat.

“There are the gloves and the bandages, we are athletes. We know how to win, we know how to lose. When we have to win, we know. We never put anything on it, he says the tape was higher up, there’s no way he’s going to hit it harder with that. We did this based on work. Behind this work was an effort that I had never done in my career, ”he told the cameras of TUDN.

In addition, the “Cobrita” She dedicated her victory to all the people who supported her. not only emotionally and mentally, but also the team that trained with her, as she assured that it was one of her greatest battles in history, as well as a strong preparation job.

“Thanks to all the lagoon region that is on the lookout, to all my family. This is for my daughter and all the people who believed in me despite everything,” she said emotionally.

Finally, the new champion assured that she would give the boxer a rematch, without thinking about it. Mariana JuarezWell, he said they have nothing to hide and they are not afraid to put their talent on the table eitherhis preparation or his skills as a boxer.

“Whenever he wants and I don’t, we did nothing to beat him more than a strong preparation. We are not afraid at all. Whatever they want to do, let them review it, ”he said before the television cameras and with the World Boxing Council belt in his hands.


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