Son of Luis de Llano is accused of millionaire fraud

Luis de Llano Jr. receives strong accusations.

A Mexican businessman accuses the son of the famous television producer, Luis de Llano Macedo, of selling fake Ricky Martin dates.

Luis de Llano Stevensknown in the artistic world as ‘Tito’, has been accused of selling ghost dates of Ricky Martinthrough an entertainment company.

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Sergio Ramírez, lawyer of the Mexican entertainment businessman Hafid Alonsopublicly denounced Luis de Llano Stevens, son of Luis de Llano Macedo, to sell him dates in our country for the famous Puerto Rican singer, which never existed and ask him for 11 million pesos in advance.

“Luis de Llano Stevens offers to carry out two dates with Ricky Martin, on the 14th and 17th in Oaxaca and Querétaro, respectively. He (Stevens) introduces (his client) to Mrs. Gisel Marín, who has an entertainment company, and she states that she has Ricky Martin’s dates to accommodate them.

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“They begin to hastily request deposits to set aside the dates and mark them in Ricky Martin’s agenda, to which my client deposits directly to the account of Luis de Llano Stevens, another amount to the account of Gisel Marín and another amount extra to Gisel Marín’s company, who formalized it with a document where he claims to be Ricky Martin’s representative,” he indicated in the ‘First Hand’ program.

Ramírez pointed out that “there was a sale of tickets, there are very upset people in Oaxaca, they feel disappointed, he had to give (Hafid) compensation for the damage to the tickets, additionally. At the end of the road, Luis de Llano (Stevens) tries to distance himself, which is impossible, because he was able to contact Mr. (Joaquín) Barona, who is the real representative of Ricky Martin, he told us that those separate dates never existed and there were never “I deposit any.”

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Likewise, the lawyer commented that “Luis de Llano Stevens and Mrs. Gisel Marín have had this practice with other artists, they use this mechanic of the entertainment company of the closeness that Luis de Llano has with the medium of entertainment and from there after the supposed signing of the agreement and hence the deposit.”

“The victim, Hafid Alonso, will appear (today) before the CDMX Attorney General’s Office and right there it will be demonstrated how they took these deposits of more than 11 million, which was the first part, because they also asked for another 11 million,” he added. .

This is not the first time that Luis de Llano Jr., a former member of Microchips, has been accused of fraud, since in 2017 he was arrested in Puebla due to a debt of 18 million pesos from his company Shower; He did not go to jail due to a protection and payment of bail.