Sony maintains its commitment to virtual reality with the PS VR2

After more than 6 years, Sony decides and launches a second version of its virtual reality helmet

Six and a half years after launching the PS VR, Sony presents this Wednesday the successor to its virtual reality headset for the PlayStation and maintains its commitment to a market that has not yet seduced the general public.

“We think now is the right time to propose a new, more technologically accomplished headset, based on feedback from the experience of our first model,” says Nathalie Dacquin, PlayStation Marketing Director in France.

Head-worn, the futuristically designed PS VR2 is lighter than its predecessor and delivers smoother, smoother images. The new handle-shaped controls are also easier to manipulate.

At the ergonomic level, the helmet is designed to allow the user to play with glasses and only requires a cable to connect to the PlayStation 5.

At the moment there will be around thirty titles compatible with the new helmet, either market novelties or updates to existing games such as the Gran Turismo 7 racing simulator.

“Obviously it will be the games that make the headset a success,” says Dacquin. The PS VR2 will be marketed in several countries with prices of 600 euros in the eurozone, 530 pounds in the United Kingdom and 550 dollars in the United States.