South Korean actor Song Kang has confirmed his enlistment for military service

Now it is Korean actor Song Kang’s turn to perform his military service to fulfill his responsibilities to his country.

Without a doubt, Song Kang is one of the most popular Korean actors of the moment, because after having starred in the Korean series Love Alarm, he was hired to appear in other Korean series and star in some others such as “Sweet Home”, “Love Alarm 2”, “My Demon”, “Navillera”, “Nevertheless” and “Forecasting Love and Weather”.

On occasions, he has even been compared to Noah Centineo, but now, he will have to disappear from the screens for a long time, as he will have to perform his military service.

The last Korean drama in which you can see Song Kang act, before leaving for the army, is precisely in My Demon, which recently ended.

It is expected that the actor Song Kan will enter the army during the month of February of this year 2024 and that he will complete his work until 2025, however, it is not yet known if he will enter as an active soldier, if he will be in the navy, in the forces special or even as a police officer. Meanwhile, there are those who believe that before entering, he was recording the third season of “Sweet Home.”