SpaceX and Vast to launch the first private space station in 2025

  • The Haven-1 station will be one of the first to be launched into space without belonging to a government agency like NASA

The Vast company has partnered with SpaceX to launch its private Haven-1 station in August 2025. A Falcon 9 rocket will take this new ship into orbit, which will rent its space enclosures for crew members who wish to participate in scientific or philanthropic work.

To space
Haven-1 will be a small orbital station about the size of the Crew Dragon capsule, which SpaceX uses to send astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS).

Vast plans for the ship to grow with modules, but for the first moment expect to receive a maximum of 4 crew members.

It will have a hatch for these travelers to arrive in SpaceX capsules, which augurs greater operations in the future. The first missions are intended to last 30 days in orbit, providing them with power, connectivity and “consumables” during this period.

At the moment, tickets for this tour are open to both space agencies and individuals. The price of these flights has not been disclosed.

private race
The 2025 date, if held, will surpass other planned commercial space stations to operational status, including Nanoracks, Lockheed Martin and Voyager space’s private Starlab project, which is aiming for 2027, and Axiom, which is so far targeting “finals.” 2025″ for the launch of the first section of its planned orbital platform.

Likewise, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin doesn’t expect to launch its Orbital Reef until the second half of the decade.

Most of these stations will be useful for NASA to replace the ISS, which will maintain a useful life until the end of the decade before being taken out of orbit.