Spanic case: Daniela’s ex responds to Gaby’s accusation after attack

Daniela Spanic, sister of actress Gaby Spanic, suffered a tremendous scare after receiving an attack, as reported by her PR and friend, Rodrigo Fragoso. The incident occurred on the morning of Thursday, October 20, outside the Family Courts in Mexico City, as Fragoso explained: “Dani had an appointment in the family courts, there was a huge line, about 200 people. She arrived and trained like any other person. Shortly after she called me crying, saying that a guy ran by and punched her in the head, on the side where she was operated on.”

Rodrigo details that Daniela fainted from the blow, and when she arrived, she was still lying on the ground crying. What seems strange to the PR is that the actress was in court to ask Ademar Nahúm, her ex-husband, to comply with the divorce agreement.


In an interview with TVyNovelas, Ademar Nahúm, Daniela’s ex-husband, spoke about the accusations of his ex and the actress Gabriela Spanic.

Did you hear about Daniela’s aggression? Yes, I found out from the press, a reporter called me and told me that someone told him that Daniela was on the floor asking for help; I didn’t know anything and I contacted the driver, who has been with her for many years, and he told me that a homeless man had passed by waving his hands and hit him on the head, at the nape of the neck, and that it hurt.

Do you know that they accuse you of having made a direct attack? Yes; I think it’s important that you denounce and that you don’t limit yourself to sayings in the press. I am the first interested in fixing this. I have always seen for my daughter and her mother (Daniela), I am also concerned to know who was responsible.

Did you and Daniela get along after the divorce? We have been separated for five years, Daniela lives the same as when I was in that house, she lacks nothing. The person who made the divorce agreement was a friend of Daniela and I did not object to anything, even though it was excessive, as long as I had full access to my daughter. We are on good terms, we signed it since January, but I don’t understand what Daniela or other people want to fight for in an already finalized agreement.


Ademar Nahúm commented to TVyNovelas that he will go to the authorities, since he has a special interest in ensuring that this aggression does not go unpunished, and that what his ex-sister-in-law said must be substantiated. He emphasized that the Spanic sisters and the PR Rodrigo Fragoso are forced to present the evidence of their statements to the authorities, and that he will at all times watch over the well-being of his daughter Catalina. Nahúm also commented that Daniela Spanic has not had follow-up in her psychiatric therapy, and that he hopes that this unfortunate event will allow the former model to rejoin said treatment.

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