Spoiler ALERT: They claim this contestant won MasterChef Celebrity, but what does he say?

There have been several seasons where before the final we learned the name of the winner of MasterChef, so this season with celebrities could not be the exception.

And it is that this week the name of the supposed winner of ‘MasterChef Celebrity‘, thanks to four words that the journalist wrote Alex kaffie in one of its columns. Without giving any more details, he simply wrote: “I’ll be brief: Francisco Chacón”.

That was taken as the definitive spoiler on the name of the winner. However, it seems that the production now decided to shield itself from leaks, and would have recorded 4 finals with each of the participants.

This theory was reinforced after Marcho Chacón spoke during an interview for Christian Martinolli’s channel, in which it was clear that not even he knew who was winning, since the production “took good care” of the spoilers.

“A lot of people have told me, tell us if you won, I don’t know what, I don’t really know if I won or not, there are still days until the final and even if I knew I wouldn’t tell them, but I really don’t know, really, I’m not lying and whoever tells you “so and so won”, don’t believe him, because None of us who are participating in MasterChef know who won, the issue of spoilers that part was taken care of very well, don’t listen to anyone that someone was or was not a MasterChef winner, “said Chacón.

Let us remember that the final of MasterCher Celebrity came Germán Montero, Stephanie Salas, Paty Navidad and Paco Chacón. During the season, recorded in the middle of the pandemic, there were some COVID-19 infections, including Rebecca De Alba, who was hospitalized.