Spotify: Bad Bunny breaks another record and becomes the artist with the most streams in one day

Bad Bunny’s new album, ‘A summer without you’, breaks record on Spotify. (photo: The Colombian)

bad bunny he came back with new music and he did it as always: in a big way and breaking records. The Puerto Rican singer kept his promise to finish his “The Last Tour of the World” to surprise his fans again with his new album called “A summer without you”.

This new album by Bad Bunny is made up of 23 songs and has outstanding collaborations such as Jhay Cortez, Tony Dize, Rauw Alejandro, Bomba Estéreo and The Marías. A job that lasts just over an hour and twenty minutes that Spotify took by storm.

So much so, that Bad Bunny broke the all-time record for streams in a single day for an artist in Spotify history on May 6. This record was previously held by Drake with 176.8 million views. Well, last Friday, Benito Martínez Ocasio registered with 183.2 million streams.

Spotify post about Bad Bunny.  (photo: <a class=Twitter)” height=”822″ src=”” width=”2510″ />
Spotify post about Bad Bunny. (photo: Twitter)

Top 10 songs from ‘A summer without you’:

1. Moscow Mule

2. I Behave Pretty

3. Cute eyes

4. After the Beach

5. Tarot

6. A Little Bit

6. Marmoset Asked Me

7. I’m not jealous

8. The Current

9. Party

Sebastián Yatra’s reaction to Bad Bunny’s new album

With Bad Bunny’s dominance in the streaming platformsHis Latino colleagues can only congratulate and laugh at the Puerto Rican’s achievement with “A summer without you.” It is the case of Sebastian Yatra.

The Colombian occupied his streaming account to share a funny reflection. The voice of ‘Red Heels’ wrote: “Tip to be a singer and happy in 2022: never compare yourself to Bad Bunny.” The publication has more than 9 thousand likes and more than 300 comments:

Sebastián Yatra's reaction to Bad Bunny's new album on Spotify.  (photo: Twitter)
Sebastián Yatra’s reaction to Bad Bunny’s new album on Spotify. (photo: Twitter)

What is the origin of Bad Bunny’s song ‘Andrea’ and why did it go viral

One of the 23 songs on Bad Bunny’s new album, under the name of ‘Andrea’, It has gone viral among netizens and social mediabut not many people know the real reason for the lyrics.

Many fans praise this song for the meaning of female empowerment that its lyrics harbor, as well as a call for attention to create awareness about gender violence. As for the video clip, it is recorded with a 360º camera on a beach.

Despite the positive comments on the different social platforms about this song, the harsh reality is that this hit is titled ‘Andrea’ by the case of femicide in Puerto Rico by Andrea Ruiz. This event generated a wave of indignation in the Puerto Rican country.

The case of Andrea in Puerto Rico

Andrea’s case, which occurred between March and May 2021 in the Cayey region, was very controversial in Puerto Rico, since, as in many cases of femicides in Latin Americaevidenced institutional indifference to violence against women.

She unsuccessfully denounced on two occasions who is presumed to be her murderer, Miguel Ocasio, a 40-year-old former security agent with whom she had an eight-year relationship and who, at the end, He began harassing her at home and at work.

The second time Andrea asked the authorities for protection was on March 26, when stated that Ocasio had attacked her with a knife and threatened to spread intimate images. Despite this, he was allegedly denied any kind of help and it was ruled out to issue an arrest warrant against his aggressor.

On April 30 of that same year, the body of the 35-year-old was found burned in a garbage can on a highway. It was Miguel Ocasio himself who confessed to the crime and turned himself in to the authorities.


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