Spotify enables feature to buy audiobooks

The new feature is only available in the United States, but the company announced that it may come to other markets in the future. (REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo GLOBAL BUSINESS WEEK AHEAD)

The music and podcast platform, Spotifywill add a new format to its range of sound products with the inclusion of the audiobooks as part of its catalog of content offered to users, although they must be purchased additionally before they can be heard on the platform.

According to the statement issued by the platform on the occasion of the launch of this new content, “users of USA will be able to buy and listen to more than 300,000 audiobooks”. In addition, the application designed a special interface dedicated solely to the reproduction of this content.

The collection of titles available for purchase on Spotify includes not only those that are distributed by large publishing houses, but also a space has been created in which amateur audiobook creators can publish their content and generate profits with their work.

New audiobook feature on Spotify (Spotify)
New audiobook feature on Spotify (Spotify)

Features of audiobooks on Spotify

The application will allow users to listen to a small sample of the audiobook and, if they wish to buy them, a button within the platform will take them to a website external where they can do it. Once back, people will be able to start listening to the book with no problem.

In addition, as part of the features that Spotify will have, audiobooks can be downloaded to be listened to offline and a special tab will appear on the home screen of the application that will have a progress bar, so that users can resume listening to the book. when they want.

New audiobook feature on Spotify (Spotify)
New audiobook feature on Spotify (Spotify)

Another feature within audiobooks is speed control so people can choose how fast they want to hear the narrator’s voice. A recommendation and criticism system was also added for those who wish to give an opinion about their experience listening to the audiobook. The rating will be displayed publicly so that other users can see it within the application.

Spotify’s statement indicates that this offer available in the United States is the first appearance of audiobooks and that “we will learn and improve the experience with new features, plans for launches in other markets and innovative formats that benefit listeners, authors and advertisers”.

Audiobook advertising

During his presentation at the platform’s Investors Day, Spotify’s head of content and advertising, Dawn Ostroff, indicated that audiobooks are an opportunity to introduce advertising.

However, although Nir Zicherman, head of audiobooks at the company, indicated that this is not part of the version that can be found on his launchbut it is something that is thought for the future on the platform.

Songs with better audio quality

In order to listen to music on Spotify with the best possible audio quality, users will have to follow a series of steps because this feature varies depending on the device the user is on.

High quality on Spotify.  (Photo:
High quality on Spotify. (Photo:

The easiest alternative is to access the system settings and choose the best sound quality. For this you must:

– Enter the Settings menu.

– Look for the Sound Quality option. Automatic is the available option enabled by default.

– Click the High option by default to activate the highest possible audio quality on the device.

Another option to modify the audio quality is to use the equalizer. To access it you will need:

– Enter the Settings menu.

– Look for the Music Quality option (Playback on iOS devices).

– Enter the Equalizer option (Also available on iOS).

From here you can choose one of the styles, patterns or profiles depending on the musical style or the main instruments. The downside is that you will have to change the equalizer settings if you change your music style.


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