Spotify Island and Roblox bring new music experiences to players: K-Pop will be the first

Roblox joined Spotify for this new season (Photo: Spotify)

Not everything is Batman, this day Spotify introduced Spotify Islandwhere fans and artists from all over the world can explore a world of sounds, complete quests and find exclusive products Thanks to the union he made with Roblox.

Spotify is the first streaming platform which has a presence on Roblox, a digital space where players can create, play games and share experiences with their friends. The video game had already had collaborations with brands to perform dynamics, but never with a sound transmission.

“Through this interactive world, we are creating a place where fans can connect and create new sounds togetherhang out in digital spaces, and gain access to exclusive virtual goods. Spotify Island is an audio oasis that has it all”, Spotify said through a statement.

roblox spotify
(Photo: Spotify)

As detailed in the letter, Roblox users can mix with artists, complete interactive missions and unlock exclusive content. Players can also enjoy the experience of immersive audio by creating music and exploring sounds on Soundtrap’s virtual stations.

“The island will have other Easter eggs musical (or surprises) at every turn for eagle-eyed users to discover. Users can even climb to the top of ‘The Charts’ accumulating points.

The streaming platform hints that Spotify listeners will notice some familiar shapes, colors, and icons on Spotify Island. For example, Roblox users will have the opportunity to get heart like iconwhich can be exchanged for some digital items available on the platform.

roblox spotify
(Photo: Spotify)

From the spotify Island, players will be able to access themed islands, which users can access throughout the day. The destinations will be rPacked with exclusive content, artist interactions, and themed mini-quests designed for serious Roblox fans and that work for curious visitors.

Spotify stresses that this release will only have a taste of the other things coming to Spotify Island. The first themed experience to be available in Spotify Island is K-Park, a tribute to everything related to the k pop. In addition to this, this spring, K-Park will give fans the opportunity to interact with the superstars of stray kids Y SUNMI .

They point out that this is an easy opportunity for artists to connect with fans and partner on Spotify in creating virtual in-game items. It should be noted that the portion of those sales will go directly to the artists themselves. “We will be working with artists to create more opportunities like this in the coming months.”

roblox spotify
(Spotify and Roblox Photo: Spotify)

“Spotify immerses users in a audio world no matter how or where they are listening. Now with Spotify Island on Roblox, we toast new experiences and unique to fans and artists alike. To see for yourself, visit”

How to improve music quality on Spotify

Spotify provides sound quality by default. This quality varies depending on two factors: the Spotify plan; free or paid, and the speed of the Internet offered by the device connected. Whichever version of Spotify is used has an effect.

Example: The maximum speed of the Spotify web player is 128Kbit free Y 256 Kbits of payment.

But if Spotify is used for pc, Mac, iOS either Androidthe highest quality that will be obtained is 160Kbps free Y 320 Kbps for payments. In the case of podcast, the quality is 96 Kbits. Interestingly, the web player is up to 128 Kbits.

roblox spotify
Music from Spotify Island (Photo: Spotify)

From there, to get the best default quality, the following steps must be followed:

1. Access Setting. Depending on the platform, access rights may vary slightly. All versions of Spotify include this option except the web player.

2. Once in Settings, go to Sound quality. By default, the automatic mode is usually activated, adapting to the speed available at that moment.

3. But if you want the best quality, choose high by default.


This is how you can improve the quality of music on Spotify

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