Spotify plans to introduce short videos in the style of TikTok

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It is no mystery to mention that TikTok is one of the most popular social networks today. The application of ByteDance It has gained global relevance, which has led other platforms to copy some of its key features. The last application that was incorporated, although as a test, is Spotify.

The music streaming service has started testing a new section in the smartphone app. Is named To find out (Discover, in English) and its icon appears in the application’s quick access bar, between Start and Search. What is known about this section is that it is like the ‘feed’ that we all know on TikTok. But this time, it will be exclusive to music videos where users can navigate by scrolling vertically.

The aforementioned feature has been discovered by Chris Messina, who posted a video on Twitter of the first tests in action. According to Messina himself, Note that when available, individual tracks can be liked as you browse the feed, and there is also a menu icon with three dots to show the options for each song.

Tweet from Chris Messina.  (photo: Twitter)
Tweet from Chris Messina. (photo: Twitter)

“OMG, for the first time in how long (?), @Spotify has added a FOURTH icon to their toolbar: Discover!”, it can be read by its translation into Spanish.

How would ‘Discover’ work on Spotify

To the video posted by Messina via Twitter is accompanied by the following description translated into Spanish: “Not only that, @Spotify ‘Discover’ is basically a stripped down version of a TikTok-style vertical music video feed (probably using its canvas format) that you can like or skip. “

When we click on the aforementioned section, you can see how the Spotify format changes to a vertical video transmission in the true style of the recent TikTok or Instagram Reels. In this way, new music can be accessed with short videos that show us excerpts of songs that we may like at any time.

It seems that this great news It is only in Beta version of Spotify for ios at this time, which means that currently not all users of the platform can use the function. Of course, the confirmation from Spotify you are testing is a bonus, but Messina’s video is clearly more explicit about it.

Spotify is late with a tool that other platforms already have

Of course, this seems like a good way to experience music, given the extra entertainment that these little clips can provide us on this platform as well. However, what most users ask for on Spotify is to have the ability to watch full video clips, as well as music in HD, which is already available from its competitors, such as Amazon Music HD, Apple Music, TIDAL or Deezer. It should be noted that, in the case of Manzana and Amazon, offered free of charge, which gives them an added value that is currently not found on Spotify.

<a class=Apple Music and Amazon Music logos. (photo: 20Minutes)” height=”370″ src=”–IXuo=/” width=”656″ />
Apple Music and Amazon Music logos. (photo: 20Minutes)

Initiatives like the ‘Discover’ mode on Spotify can certainly be fun and give us another way to discover new music. Currently in the beta version of iOS, it is unlikely that we will get this feature in the stable version of Spotify anytime soon, the one we all carry on our phones, both iOS and Android.

Spotify adds a section with tracks from Netflix movies and series

Thanks to this ‘hub’, Streaming video platform users no longer have to search Spotify track by track because nowadays everything that Red N series and movies produce is stored in a single sectionas well as “inspired by” themed compilations and orchestral soundtracks from famous composers who have achieved some of the biggest Hollywood hits in recent years. If you want to read the full note, enter this link.

Some featured tracks on Netflix’s Spotify correspond to The Paper House, Narcos, Sex education, Gamito de Dama and many others. But Spotify also includes soundboards for Cowoy Beop, The Squid Game, and Red Alert, to name a few.

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