Spotify President Defends Permanence of Joe Rogan’s Podcast Despite Criticism

The president and founder of Spotify, Daniel Ek, described Joe Rogan’s podcast as vital for his company and defended the permanence of its contents.

The president and founder of Spotify, Daniel Eck, called Joe Rogan’s podcast vital to his company, in the eye of the hurricane for questioning the efficacy of vaccines against covid, and defended the permanence of its contents in an internal discourse.

Ek explained to his employees that although finds it “very offensive” and “strongly disagrees” with “many things Joe Rogan says“To achieve its goals, the platform must maintain content with which many of its employees do not want to be associated or feel proud, according to a speech leaked this Thursday by the publication The Verge.

Not everything is valid, but there will be opinions, ideas and beliefs with which we strongly disagree, and even leave us angry or sad, “said Ek.

The platform has been heavily criticized by music legends like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell who pulled their catalog from Spotify in protest for broadcasting episodes of the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, in which vaccines against covid-19 are questioned, among other topics.

Amid the controversy, the shares of the Swedish company plummeted 17% this Thursday in New York.

Spotify responded to the criticism by announcing that will include warnings in podcast episodes whose content discusses information about covid-19, and links that guide users to factual information and scientific sources.