Starbucks launched “Oleato”, its new line of coffees with olive oil

Starbucks presents ‘Oleato’, its new line of coffees with olive oil (Starbucks)

American coffee shop chain starbucks It is famous for its drink options that appeal to all palates. With varieties of milk, coffee, syrups and even themed menus, the brand has positioned itself around the world with innovative proposals.

His latest announcement, however, has been the most eye-catching in a long time. This is the line that will premiere this Wednesday in Italy, from coffees with extra virgin olive oil from Partanna, Sicily.

The line will be called oleate and it will be available, initially, in the country of the boot, more precisely in the exclusive establishment Reserve Roastery of Milan. Over the months, the line will be exported to other parts of the globe, reaching the southern California, United States, in the springalready Japan, middle East and the United Kingdom for End of the year.

Starbucks will offer three drinks Oil. they will be a classic latte, which includes steamed oil with oat milk; a cold pressed coffee, for those who prefer the frozen version, with a “golden foam” of vanilla infused with this oil; and finally, another iced espresso and “shaken” with hazelnut syrup, oat milk, oil and ice.

Starbucks presents a new line of coffees with olive oil in Italy
The latte version includes steamed oil with oat milk (Starbucks)

Likewise, for those who want to remain faithful to their traditional drinks but want to delve into this world that combines new flavors, Starbucks announced that any other drink on your menu can be customized with this exclusive olive oil.

“Oleato represents the next coffee revolutionwhich unites the alchemy of nature’s best ingredients: Arabica coffee beans from Starbucks and cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil from Partanna,” commented the brand’s top executive, howard schultz.

The innovative idea of ​​combining these worlds arose by chance from Schultz, who will retire from the company next April, although without first making his last big bet. According to the company, 40 years ago, the businessman traveled to Italy and it was then that he was impressed with the coffee culture in local bars. Since then, he has set out to “bring the ritual of the artisanal espresso to Starbucks, where he already worked, and to America”.

Immersed in that desire, last year he visited Sicily and discovered “the Mediterranean custom of taking a spoonful” of this ‘liquid gold’ every day. Seeing that some even took it in the morning, at coffee time, she thought of “trying both things together” and thus gave rise to the new line.

Starbucks presents a new line of coffees with olive oil in Italy
Schultz stated that Oleato represents the next revolution in coffee (Starbucks)

This proposal, which applies to both hot and cold beverages, produces an “unexpected, velvety and buttery flavor that enhances the coffee and remains beautifully on the palate”, as described by the executive.

The person in charge of bringing this initiative to reality was Amy Dilger, Starbucks’ lead beverage developer, experimented with a series of high-quality Arabica blends and two Starbucks espressos, along with the oils. Thus, he discovered that, for example, the Partanna extra virgin olive oil infusions combined perfectly with the Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast, with a smooth and round flavor, delicious both hot and iced.

“The infusion is very important. By infusing Partanna extra virgin olive oil by steaming or shaking it with oat milk, a luxurious experience and texture similar to that of whole milk is created,” Dilger commented.

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