State DIF manages cinema shows for girls, boys and people with disabilities

Thanks to the actions of the Government of change to promote activities that promote integral development, the minors lived a fun morning at the movies with the animated film “Los rescuadores”.

Under the direction of Ruth González Silva, honorary president of the State System for the Comprehensive Development of the Family (DIF) and in synergy with the social strategy of the Government for change headed by Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, the Department of Social Integration of People with Disabilities of the Center for Rehabilitation and Special Education (CREE), took steps so that a large group of girls, boys and adolescents belonging to the Social Assistance Centers of the State DIF, as well as people with disabilities, could enjoy a cinema performance.

Validating the right to take part, under equal conditions, in these recreational activities, thanks to the collaboration of Cinépolis El Dorado, the minor users of the CREE, as well as the Rafaela Arganiz School, the Ovidio Decroly CAM and Matilde Rodríguez Cabo, lived pleasant moments with the film “Los Rescatadores: Regreso al planeta Tierra”, and when tasting the traditional popcorn and soda that the program “Vamos todos a Cinépolis”, invited more than 400 people who covered the capacity in movie theaters.

Another group of girls and boys from the “Margarita Maza de Juárez”, “Rosario Castellanos” and “Rafael Nieto” Social Assistance Centers also attended, in the company of personnel from the DIF State System, the performance of the same film in the facilities of Cinépolis Sendero, in order to provide a morning of joy and healthy recreation to girls and boys under State guardianship.

María de los Ángeles Frías Pérez, director of the Social Integration of People with Disabilities, who accompanied the children and adolescents to see the film, commented that by participating in this type of action, the State DIF seeks to modify the realities of the and minors and people with disabilities, so that they can develop their potential and open up new possibilities to enjoy life on equal terms, favoring the social inclusion of people with disabilities.

“Speaking of equality in the Government of change is possible, since it is the responsibility of our president of the State DIF, Ruth González Silva, as well as that of our Governor Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, to promote actions that include everyone in social programs, in supports and activities that promote the integral development of people with disabilities”, concluded Frías Pérez.