Steam, the video game platform that breaks another record: 29.2 million users at the same time

Steam. (photo: IGN Spain)

Steam has broken its own concurrent user record for the third time in less than a month. platform Valve registered a total of 29,200,000 connected players last Sunday. This new peak has exceeded two other peaks recorded in the same month.

Valve kicked off the year reaching nearly 28 million concurrent active users on Steam. The exact number is 27,942,458 registered on January 2.

It was just him January 9 that the platform set a new record with 28,230,661 of users connected at the same time.

However the Sunday January 23 exceeded all previous figures with a total of 29,198,370 users. Steam hit this new player peak around 9:00 AM ET. Peru Y Colombia)

Steam statistics.  (photo:
Steam statistics. (photo:

Statistics are published in the official steam website. Here they show the number of concurrent active users in the last 48 hours; therefore, depending on the date you may search, the results may vary.

On the other hand, on this same website you can see other statistics such as Steam downloads for PC, Steam support stats and ratings for hundreds of the most played games.

Video games on Steam also get good numbers

titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Y dota 2 have topped the list of the most played video games on the platform in recent days. Other titles, like PUBGthey also have an impressive community of players.

The first video game mentioned reached 992,445 simultaneous players; while the second reached an impressive number of 787,609 players. Likewise, PUBG accumulated a considerable amount of 604,711 simultaneous active users.

CS:GO and Dota 2, respectively.  (photo: Esports)
CS:GO and Dota 2, respectively. (photo: Esports)

There were also some surprises. In late 2021, it was revealed that Cyberpunk 2077 was crowned one of the most successful games on Steam during 2021.

The platform also broke a major concurrent active user record in November, and that’s thanks to the release of halo-infinite.

06-24-2021 Halo Infinite POLITICS XBOX
06-24-2021 Halo Infinite POLITICS XBOX (XBOX/)

75% of the most popular video games on Steam can now be run on Linux

Three years ago, Valve Softwarethe developer of the video game platform Steam (and big hits like Counter-Strike), announced the release of a plan to improve compatibility with Linux of the video game only for Windows that the company is providing that the different users in the world gaming.

Proton, the key to video game compatibility

You are probably wondering how big is the width of the catalog offered by Linux. A few months ago, that number was about 1,000.

If we evaluate the 1,000 most popular games on Steam (out of a total of 21,000 games with user-submitted data), 75% of them are considered “compatible” with Linux.

This “compatibility” rating is assigned based on a six-tier compatibility scale, which, in addition to the base games, sets ratings such as “platinum” and “gold” (no problem), “Silver” (lowest number) and ‘Bronze’ (Possibility of related errors):

Steam game compatibility on Linux.  (photo:
Steam game compatibility on Linux. (photo:

Unfortunately, as the graph shows, by evaluating only the 10 most popular video gamesthe proportion of these that run smoothly on the Linux operating system it was reduced by less than half, only 40%.

If you want to check the Linux distribution compatibility of the games you have purchased through Steam, we remind you that Protondb has a search function that Linux gamers can use to search and check the status of each game.

In fact, to avoid having to review each game individually, you can also connect your Steam account directly to ProtonDB to see the status of games in your library. In a minute you can get an idea of ​​how many titles you can play on your Linux.


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