Step by step to activate song lyrics on Spotify

(Photo: REUTERS / Carlos Osorio) (CARLOS OSORIO /)

The Spotify karaoke mode It reached the whole world as of Thursday, November 18. Although the company did not officially call it this way, users will be able to take advantage of it to sing along with their friends and family thanks to the integration of lyrics in all songs.

Formerly the service of “Letters” was available to audiences in a limited selection of countries, however it was now globally included free for practically any platform that has the app, such as devices Android, iOS, Web, consoles and televisions.

The new one karaoke function, officially called “Letters” or “Lyrics”, came thanks to the collaboration between Spotify and Musicmatch that provides more than 8 million letters to the platform, which are completely synchronized.

Apart from being able to use the letter to to sing in karaoke mode, the option allows share the lyrics in social networks. However, Spotify said that this feature will be available in “most” of its music library, meaning some will not be shareable.

Spotify (Photo: REUTERS / Christian Hartmann / File Photo)
Spotify (Photo: REUTERS / Christian Hartmann / File Photo) (Christian Hartmann /)

How to activate and enjoy the “Lyrics” option

The modality is already activated in all regions so that its users begin to take advantage of it. To access it you just have to follow the following Steps:

From the mobile app

-Access the application.

-Select the option Playback view.

At the bottom of the screen you can find the lyrics that are synchronized with the current song

-To share it, you simply have to press the option to share which is visible on the screen; there choose the fragment as well as the platform where you want to send the letter.

Lyrics from Spotify (Photo: Europa Press)
Lyrics from Spotify (Photo: Europa Press) (SPOTIFY /)

From the desktop app

-While the song is playing, look in the options bar for a microphone icon so that the lyrics begin to appear.

From the pp of a TV.

-For Smart TVs with the application, the letter can be made visible by selecting the option Playback view of a song and go to the right corner of options.

-Once there you must select the option Letters.

In case the letters still do not appear, Spotify Cares It recommends logging out, restarting the device, and logging in again for the option to appear.

In accordance with The Verge, the history of music lyrics on Spotify it has been complicated. Initially he worked hand in hand with Musicxmatch to perform this function, however in 2016 they separated.

Spotify app (Photo: Spotify)
Spotify app (Photo: Spotify) (SPOTIFY /)

Since then the streaming platform offered the function Behind the lyrics thanks to an association he made with Genius. This option offers basic information about the songs, although it is not useful for doing karaoke at home.

Although it already offered the useful option for singing alone or in company in countries like Japan, the function had not been widely launched in western markets such as the United States and Latin America.

With the introduction of “Lyrics”, Spotify told the platform TechCrunch which will discontinue the option Behind the lyrics.

They joke with the appearance of the option “Letters”

(Photo: Twitter)

As expected, social media users found a way to laugh at this new modality of Spotify, while other users who already had the option activated because their regions already had it were surprised by the news.

“Wait, what? I don’t get it, I’ve had the lyrics on Spotify for months / years,” said a Twitter user.

Other pranksters took screenshots where the lyrics of the song are not very helpful. For example, a user ironically thanked the songs of a Korean boy band that had lyrics, as she still cannot sing them since they appear in Hangul, that is, in pictograms, similar to Japanese songs that have kanjis. Other cases of ironic gratitude were in songs in elvish or reggaeton that repeat the same thing over and over again.


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