Stephanie Demner: a real blonde weakness


Warm and highly predisposed, Stephanie Demner overcame media problems that did not do her career well. It has a natural beauty that is seen at first glance. She managed to receive a degree in Media and Entertainment Management at UADE, but she has not yet reached her maximum goal. The 24-year-old actress and model dreams of working in Europe and experiencing a different life. How to take care of yourself and what are your secrets to always be with an impeccable look.

Since I was little, I like to see the models that appear in the magazines, so I called the publishers to ask how to appear. Advised by Roberto Giordano, I started the course at Ricardo Piñeiro and at the age of 14 I had already entered the agency to work as a professional model. Half a year after starting, I did global campaigns for Swatch and Coca Cola.

Thanks to my work, I can travel and visit destinations all the time, that’s how I went to Italy, France, Canada, the United States, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil, among others.

I prefer campaigns, I feel much more comfortable in front of a camera than on a catwalk, but I do both when the times of the faculty allow me.

Yes, I would like to work from that to enter the entertainment world by programming live shows, organizing sporting events, among other things.

I like driving more than fiction, but I’ve been recording chapters for Graduates, Champs 12, Nini, Los Únicos, and I also do commercials, which I really enjoy.

I train every day, even on Saturdays, in Functional Gym: it is a functional gym that works with the body’s own weight combined with aerobic exercises. It is an intense hour in which many calories are spent, but it also shapes the body in an incredible way. For anxious people like me it is ideal, because the results come quickly. I combine that with an esthetician, where I take care of my skin and do treatments to keep me flawless. Also, on the weekends I go skating to compensate for those allowed.

I have styles according to the day; sometimes I dress as a rocker and other times more elegant or naive, sometimes I wear a jean and slippers. I don’t have a “better outfit“When it comes to dressing, I like to create new looks every day.

Once received, I plan to travel for an international career and maybe live abroad, always continuing with my career. I really want to experience a life in Europe.

Photo and Post: Celeste Martearena Godoy

General Production: Florencia Otero

Photography assistant: Pich Urdaneta

Styling: Anita Escalada

Make up and hair: Paula Delguy

Location: Cotton Mansion.

Acknowledgments: Paula Yrigoyen, Multitalent Agency and Rauch Zapatos.