Stephanie Salas was a friend of Christian Bach and Humberto Zurita tells how their love arose

Humberto Zurita’s romance with Stephanie Salas is no longer a secret, so the actor speaks freely about his new love and how he met her for many years, since he was even a friend of his deceased wife, Christian Bach.

“I have known Stephanie for a long time, I have known her for years, because she made the protagonist with me and they were, I cannot tell you how many, twenty-something years. She was a girl, I never saw her more than as a girl. Then she became a good friend of Christian and called her in several of our works, such as The candidate and The street of the brides, “he said in an interview for the press.

Who would have thought that their friendship would turn into something more… “We always had a friendship. She went with Mich (referring to Michelle Salas, daughter of Stephanie and singer Luis Miguel) to our birthday parties for Sebastián, from the children, to the piñatas. And I did not know. Now she tells me that Christian went to her parties a lot. So, they had a great friendship and I have always loved her very much and now I love her even more.”

Humberto Zurita commented on the romance, which was something that just happened: “These things happen, it is not known exactly how it happens. I mean, I have friends, many friends, with whom I went out to lunch or dinner. And well, what happened to me with her is that we started talking, curiously, about that past life of ours”.

“She started talking to me about those jobs, about how she saw me in Madame Butterfly (a play she starred in, in 1989, with Héctor Bonilla) and then we talked about her daughter Mich, that I knew her when she was very young,” she commented.

So now he boasts: “I’m happy, I believe that in love those ages do not exist, there is no time. And life is like the water of a river, once it passes it does not happen again, so you have to take it , take it completely because life is very short. The only thing I learned from Christian’s death, it is very clear to me, is that one day we are going to die and we don’t know how. And what I learned the most from Christian is that the Life without love is meaningless.”

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