Strange cases that occurred with the virtual assistant Alexa

Alexa is he virtual assistant developed by amazonwhich has the ability to perform different activities without problemsuch as playing music, talking to a contact, ordering food, playing with you, etc.

However, on some occasions Alexa has been implicated in some rather strange cases, which has caused her to question the ability of this v wizardoz as their mistakes have even put people’s lives in danger.

Here we list some of the strange cases occurred with ehe virtual assistant of Alexawhich gave a lot to talk about.

dangerous challenge

Last year, the virtual assistant of Alexa gave what to talk about in United States life-threatening of a 10 year old girl. When the little girl asked Alexa to give him a challenge, she suggested that he play with a coin the pins of a plug.

“Plug in a charger. telephone halfway into a wall outlet, then tap with a dime the exposed pegs”said Alexa. The mother of the minor heard everything and quickly exposed his case on social networks to warn what Alexa was suggesting.

For its part, amazon explained in a statement that it had already been upgraded to Alexa to avoid giving this type of recommendation. Apparently he had obtained this challenge Alexa from TikTokwhere the “penny challenge” went viral.

alexa’s ghosts

For a while it was done viral in Internet some strange videos where Alexa seems to be controlled by evilsince these videos show how Alexa she starts talking to herself about ghost-related topics.

One of the most controversial cases was that of a US resident called Harry McClarrywho recorded the exact moment in which Alexa she began to speak for herself on spiritualistic subjects, scaring her owner who was recording her.

“The deliberate attempt to contact with a deceased person is defined as a Spiritualist Session. I have a trick that will look for you, Do you want to try?”, Alexa’s speaker said as it opened alone the door of the man’s room, at the same time as Alexa He had a rather strange laugh.

So far it is not known if this event was real or was it a trick of the man, the truth is that your video is went viral in TikTok and gave a lot to talk about.

Does Alexa work for the CIA?

Alexa he always answers the questions you ask him, however, he seems that there is one that bothered him a lot in 2017.

After the scandal caused by one of the publications made by wikileaks where more than 8,000 pages were leaked of documents related to the massive espionage program What was the CIA doing?several users asked their Threw out Yes Alexa works for the CIA.

However, when asking that question, the device turned off and there was no any answer to these questions. Although some consider this to be due to an error in the INCothers began to worry about their privacy as this device could be perfect for spying on people.

Despite this, it was never verified. that Alexa worked for the CIAso everything was left as a wizard error.

The day Alexa witnessed a murder

The virtual assistant of Alexa he became the main witness in a murder investigation. In 2015 in Arkansas, Victor Collins was found in a hot tub from the house of one of his friends with signs having been strangled and drowned. After this event, the authorities began to investigate and they had the owner of the house as the main suspect.

According to research, the victim was with three other friends celebrating a party, the witnesses gave their versions, however, there seemed to be loose ends during the investigation so they needed find relevant information that will help them find the murderer.

The neighbors announced that for hours they were playing music from the Alexa speakerwhich made her another witness to the events.

amazon refused to give information collected by Alexa while the police wanted to get to the voice files of the virtual assistant to discover the murderer. It wasn’t until 2016 when the technology giant agreed to give the information retrieved by Alexawhich was criticized by users as they could not accept Have your conversations recorded by the voice assistant.

The case remained under investigation. for two more years and it was concluded that Alexa he had provided no evidence to find the killer. However, this background served to force companies to provide relevant information in a crime case.