Stray Kids have paused activities due to health problems

Stray Kids fans are concerned about Han’s condition and JYP shares his current status in a new statement

All of STAY is very concerned about Stray Kids’ Han’s health, as it was revealed that the singer and rapper from the JYP Entertainment boyband suspended activities due to his illness.

This was revealed in the statement released by the JYP agency, which also explains what the idol has and that he will not be able to participate in the Stray Kids meet and greet event called ROCK-STAR FAN Sign Event that will take place on the 3rd. February 2024.

Han from Stray Kids had to take a break from his artistic activities, as he presented symptoms of a bad cold and body pain, so the doctors and JYP gave him rest, also to avoid affecting his colleagues and the fans themselves who will attend the event.

“We inform that Stray Kids member HAN will not participate in the following schedule due to sudden symptoms of a cold and body pain” (JYP).

Likewise, they explain that the agency takes the health of its artists very seriously and that is why they prioritize Han Ji-sung’s recovery:

«JYPE will put the artist’s health as the top priority and will provide everything possible to support HAN’s speedy recovery. Thank you”.