‘Stroke of luck’, when does the new telenovela by Eduardo Yáñez and Mayrín Villanueva premiere?

“Golpe de suerte” is an adaptation of the Chilean “Si yo fuera rico” and has an attractive cast.


“Stroke of Luck” will arrive very soon in Mexican homes, with Marjorie de Sousa as the villain of this new story

Get ready! “Golpe de suerte”, the new telenovela by actor Eduardo Yáñez, is about to premiere. This production by Nicandro Díaz promises a story full of drama and comedy for viewers eager for captivating adventures.

There are plenty of reasons to see “Stroke of Luck”! And it is that, apart from a plot that promises to tie you to the television from the beginning, this soap opera has an attractive cast headed by Eduardo Yanez and Mayrín Villanueva in the main roless. If that weren’t enough, there’s something else: we’ll see marjorie desousa as the villain of this story.

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When does “Stroke of Luck” premiere? The recordings began in July, and this telenovela is not long in coming to your home. Know the details.


In “Stroke of Luck”, we will know the story of three families whose lives change radically when they win a juicy cash prize; However, although they can solve their economic problems, soon the arrival of money will turn into misfortune for the characters; only love will be able to restore true happiness.

Do you already want to see “Stroke of Luck”? You will have to wait a little longer, and it is that although an exact date has not been given for its premiere on television, it is expected to reach Mexican screens in mid-October at 8:30 p.m. through Las Estrellas.

“Stroke of luck” is a soap opera that already promises a lot since before its premiere, since it also has the performances of Eva Cedeño, Gonzalo García Vivanco, Ricardo Silva and Elaine Haro, among many other stars. Do not miss it!