Student defends her teacher after being hit by another student

So far it is not specified what happened to the three students involved in the fight

A teenage student defended a teacher in her classroom after she was beaten by one of her classmates who started fighting with another inside a basic education school in the United States.

This fact was recorded in a video that went viral on Twitter, where you can see the moment when two students are fighting and one of them hits the face of the teacher who was behind them while she was trying to stop the altercation.

However, the attacker who was struggling with his classmate was covered from his head with the hood of his sweater, but he continued to hit the air trying to hit the other student with whom he was fighting, but the teacher was close to them and ended up receiving punched him in the face, causing him to step back.

The person responsible for the blow was able to realize his action, but he continued to attack his classmate while the rest of the class walked away, as well as other students used their cell phones to record the fight.

However, there was a student who, realizing that the teacher had also been physically assaulted, went with the two classmates who were fighting and separated them to calm the situation, but not before punching the teacher’s attacker.

After the teacher’s defender punched the student’s face who hit her, the adolescent fell fainting to the ground, so the other student took the opportunity to attack him while he was almost unconscious on the ground. “Don’t touch the teacher again!”, the teacher’s defender shouted with adrenaline towards his classmates, and seeing that the second continued to attack, he went for him and took him off, so the other fell backwards.

In Twitter comments, some users mentioned that the student “Standed up for the teacher and stopped the fight. I’m not sure who her parents are, but they’re doing a good job.”

While there are other comments from netizens criticizing the defender’s action, one of them says “he didn’t break up a fight, while his instincts to protect his teacher were admirable, he assaulted the boy in retaliation, the hit on the teacher was an accident , he wasn’t interrupting the fight, he was joining one side of it.”