Stuffed Zucchini in Corn Sauce, Pepper, Light Cream and Parsley


1 cup of chicken, cooked and shredded, for the filling
1 cup poblano pepper slices
1/2 cups light cream, for the filling
6 slices of panela cheese, chopped square slices, plus 2 more to decorate
2 liters of water
2 pumpkins, Italian
1 tablespoon of oil, for the sauce
2 garlic cloves, chopped, for the sauce
1/2 white onions, chopped, for the sauce
1 cup of corn, white, for the sauce
1 cup corn, yellow, for the sauce
1 cup chicken broth, for the sauce
1/2 cups light cream, for the sauce
1 pinch of salt, for the sauce
1 pinch of pepper, for the sauce
3 tablespoons parsley, finely chopped
enough corn, yellow


For the filling, in a bowl mix the chicken with the slices, the cream, the Panela Cheese square slices, season with salt a little pepper and reserve.

Heat a pot over medium heat with the water until it comes to a boil and cook the pumpkins until they are soft.

Remove from cooking and onto a short board in half lengthwise. With the help of a spoon, hollow out and pour the remaining pumpkin into the filling, fill and sprinkle with more Panela Cheese square slices.

For the sauce, heat a frying pan over medium heat with the oil, cook the garlic with the onion, the white corn and the yellow corn until the ingredients soften.

Fill with the chicken broth, cook for 10 minutes, remove from cooking.

Blend with the cream until obtaining a smooth sauce, season with salt and pepper and reserve.

Serve the pumpkins on a plate with the sauce mirror, sprinkle with parsley, whole corn and more cheese.