Subject kicks girl in the street; They arrest him but they wish him worse things (VIDEO)

This weekend the video of a minor being physically abused by a subject who was later identified, arrested and made available to the authorities went viral.

The images show the man kicking a little girl who falls to the ground without being able to defend herself, while a woman is a witness and does absolutely nothing. The events occurred in Tepoztlán, Morelos.

People immediately emerged who identified the subject who works as a security guard. The Secretariat for Citizen Protection and Assistance reported that he was already arrested for the crime of assault on a minor.

“Today, thanks to the citizen’s report to the emergency numbers, elements of the Cuernavaca Citizen Protection and Assistance Secretariat made the arrest of “Fredy” N, 30, originally from Tepoztlán, Mor. He was made available before a civic judge,” they posted on social media.

The outrage is such that people send measures through social networks so that there really is justice and that the subject does not repeat his misdeed.

Some call for his death: “Prison is not enough, but a pantheon…”.

Others also blame the woman for not putting her hands in to defend the minor: “The woman who appears in the video and does nothing should also be arrested, I imagine what that girl must be suffering for months or years “.

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