Successful presentation of the Turetsky Choir at the Teatro de La Paz

Before 600 enthusiastic people, the choir gave itself to the Potosí public, to give them an unforgettable night in musical feeling, authentic and without barriers.

With a resounding musical and emotional success was the presentation of the Turetsky and Soprano Choir, at the Teatro de la Paz, accompanied by the San Luis Potosí Symphony Orchestra, who delighted the people of Potosí, as part of the diverse options that the Government of Change, chaired by State President Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, offers local, national and international events in the area of ​​culture and the arts.

In the free concert offered this Thursday, where the attendees lived an unforgettable night of dedication from the heart and professionalism, before an audience of more than 600 people, the Russian choir opened a door to its audience that, enthusiastically, participated as rarely , to your delight with folk, traditional and operatic music, which did not require translation due to the universal language of music.

Maestro José Miramontes Zapata commented that the vocal figures were extraordinary, especially the world-class countertenor, the bass was exceptional and the sopranos showed off their versatility, “it was worth the effort made by the Government of Ricardo Gallardo, who was enthusiastic about the material of the choral group and gave the green light so that we could enjoy an extraordinary night”, which was organized in two days.

Among the pieces of traditional Russian music, they performed My Red Guard, from the time of the 1917 Revolution, as well as the urban and peasant folk songs Kalinka, Ojos Negros, Katyusha, Noches de Moscow and Gitana Adorable; from the jazz tradition included Dubi-du-du-li and the popular Latin American María Isabel, and among the special arrangements they sang Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, Puccini’s Recondita Harmonía and Albinoni’s Adagio, for six voices.

The concert by the Turetsky and Soprano Choir was the first in Mexico, as it has been presented in Madrid, Budapest, Rome, New York, Vienna and other international venues, and it was a new success for the Government of Ricardo Gallardo, who has bet on the impulse of the different artistic manifestations.