Sugey Ábrego and Jorge Boyoli destroy Ema Pulido: “She’s like the aunt who lost her drinks”

Sugey Ábrego and Jorge Boyoli were eliminated on Friday from the Champion of Champions dance competition of “The stars dance today.”

Both agree that they were very happy with their participation and ensure that several of their choreographies showed how much they evolved as dancers.

However, they are also very forceful when giving their opinion on Ema Pulido, the judge who has caused the most controversy during the competition, first with Toñita and now with Sugey and Jorge, whom she always gave low grades.

“What I can say about Ema is that I am infinitely grateful for her incongruity,” says Sugey with a certain irony. “Because thanks to that incongruity I was always clear that our dances were not as bad as she described them.”

Jorge Boyoli, his dance partner during this competition, explains what Sugey is referring to: “When he commented on our dances, he could tell us that they were very good, that they were well executed, that we grew a lot and then he would give us a 6 or any low rating.”

Boyoli actually uses a peculiar comparison to describe what he felt with Ema Pulido every time he rated them.

“It doesn’t bother me or I’m angry with her or anything because I know that she’s like the aunt who goes to the party and that the drinks go by and well, you don’t have to pay much attention to her for that.”

At Jorge’s comment, Sugey laughs and tells him: “You finished it off with that comment.”

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