Sugey Ábrego debuts body. Promises to be more curvy and sexy

“Better things are coming!” says Sugey Ábrego, excited about the projects he has to consolidate himself as the curvy Mexican gril.

This weekend, Sugey went viral for a photo she shared on her Twitter account in which she appears lying on the bed, looking straight into the camera and wearing barely any lingerie that exposed her curves.

“I’m excited because people have been very enthusiastic about the material we’ve made and shown as the World Cup Curvy Girl,” says Sugey, who has indeed become very popular for the photos she shares on her two private platforms: Onlyfans and .

He also promises that after his participation in the reality show “Las estrellas bailaen en Hoy”, the content will get better.

“I want to tell all my followers that with the dance in Champion of Champions I lose eight kilos, so the photos that come will be the reaffirmation of my image curyv gril“.

But there is another project that Sugey is excited about: “Sugey Ábrego’s doll is also coming, which is an idea that I hope will have the same impact. I thank all my followers every time they comment on my photos and make me go viral.”

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