Superhero fan? This new HBO Max documentary portrays them like never before

“Superman” is one of the most beloved characters of DC Comics.


The world of superheroes is interesting and very extensive. Millions of people around the world have become fans of these characters who have already become an icon of international popular culture.

Of all the comic book houses, it might be DC one of the most popular due to its incredible portfolio of characterswhich includes classic superheroes like “Superman”, “Batman” and “Wonder Woman”. In recent years, figures like “Harley Quinn” and the “Joker” have emerged as banners for a new generation of fans.

The adaptations of the paper to the celluloid They have contributed greatly to spreading the world of superheroes, especially to younger people. Warner, which is the owner of the rights to DC Comics, has given us authentic jewels of a genre that, From seeming like a hobby, they have gradually been perfected to give it the seriousness it deserves.


If you’re interested in the entire universe that DC Comics has managed to create over the years, then there’s good news for you: recently the docuseries “Superpowers: The history of DC” was released, an original three-episode miniseries of HBO Max that reviews the entire history of your favorite superheroes, as well as the actors who have played them in movies over the years.

Ninety years of history are not easy, but you will surely find interesting data to feed your passion for DC Comics superheroes in this work that not only reviews the historical concepts of the superhero, but also delves into aspects that are rarely discussed on the subject.

You can not lose yourself “The Powerpuffs: The DC Story”a docuseries of HBO Max which has the participation of all the creators and adapters in the house, which offers a diverse result that you will surely love.