Supermodel Tatjana Patitz has died

The model Tatjana Patitz died at the age of 56 (AP) (FABIAN BIMMER /)

the supermodel tatjana patitz passed away this wednesday in Saint BarbaraCalifornia, at 56 years. The woman had been part of the elite group of super models whose faces were seen on major magazine covers of the 1980s and 1990s.

His agent Corinne Nicolas along with the New York-based agency Model CoOp were in charge of confirming his death due to illness. However, the information provided was very limited so that, until now, it is unknown exactly what Patitz suffered from.

The model was born in hamburg and grew up in Skanöran idyllic seaside town in the south of Sweden to later move to California. She lived there for the rest of her life and established herself as one of the “original” supermodels; she even participated in the famous video “Freedom! ’90″ by George Michaelbeside Christy Turlington, cute evangelist, Naomi Campbell Y cindy crawford.

She was photographed multiple times by peter lindberghwho assured that it was his favoriteand many consider his work godfather. He was in charge of highlighting his natural beauty in the famous photograph “White Shirts: Six Supermodels, Malibu”dating from 1988. The production ended up being the cover of the British edition of the renowned magazine Vogue in 1990 and who convinced Michael to summon the women for his video.

However, his beginnings in the environment were not so successful. At the age of 17, she appeared in a model contest of the Elite agency in Stockholm, where she obtained third place. As a reward, she traveled to Paris and got a limited-time contract. However, the entire first year of the model she was away from the cameras without getting a job.

However, the woman did not give up and continued her discreet path, although intense. Anna Wintourthe magazine’s global editorial director, noted that Patitz “was always the european symbol of chicas if Romy Schneider mixed with Monica Vitti”. “She was much less conspicuous than her colleagues, more mysterious, more mature, more unattainable. And that had its own charm.” remembered.

Tatjana Patitz supermodel
Tatjana Patitz in “Vogue” magazine, in 1995 (IG: tatjanapatitz)

During her modeling years, Patitz set herself apart by not following pack decisions made by their mates. That is why she never settled in NY nor in Paris -two icons of fashion and beauty- and, on the contrary, remained faithful to his desire to live on the west coast of the United States, together with nature and its animals.

“I never sold my soul”he had declared years ago in an interview, in line with the words he had with Vogue in 1988, when he said that “people always said that I was special, that I didn’t look like anyone else, and that that’s why I was going to succeed.”

Patitz was designated as
Patitz was pointed out as a “European symbol of chic” (AP) (Joerg Carstensen /)

Until his last days, Patitz maintained this essence, which is why he showed himself as a Criticism of the fashion and beauty standards raised in current times. Already in 2006, she had pointed out in an interview that the golden age of supermodels was over.

“There was a real time and the reason it ended was because glamor was put into it. Now celebrities and actresses have taken over and models have been completely relegated,” the magazine quoted. prestige hong kong.

In that sense, he added that “the women were healthy, they were not those little skeletal models whose names no one knows anymore.”

(With information from AP)

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