Supposed son of José José and Sarita Sosa would be preparing tour in the US

In the midst of the great controversy, the reason why Anel Noreña and Marysol Sosa would have a bad mother-daughter relationship would have been revealed.

The controversy in the José José dynasty continues and does not seem to have a “happy” ending, because despite the fact that The Prince of Song died on September 28, 2019 at the age of 71, due to health complications caused Due to the pancreatic cancer he suffered, the constant public fights between those who were his relatives have shown the family fracture that his absence has caused.

In the midst of a family drama that is far from over, a stormy new episode could emerge: Manuel José, the alleged Colombian son of the singer, and Sarita Sosa would be about to collaborate musically and tour the United States presenting the greatest hits. of the Mexican, despite the legal warnings that this could have for the universal heiress: Anel Noreña.

“In other words, it annoys those at home, but with their archenemies, the Saras, the trial for one or two apartments there in Miami has not yet begun.

In addition, we found out that Manuel José (the imitator of the Prince that his son swears) and Sarita Sosa are preparing a tour of the United States singing songs by José José, but with them there is no problem, although there is with the daughter, “wrote Gustavo Adolfo Infante in a recent opinion column.

In addition, the same article reportedly revealed the reason why in recent weeks the national media have reported that José José’s second wife and his daughter Marysol Sosa no longer have any kind of relationship. It would all be about money that did not reach the hands of the Hoy collaborator.

“It was on the YouTube program of my friend Rosita Pelayo where I was talking with the actor Mario Casillas, who for several years was general secretary of the National Association of Interpreters (ANDI), the body in charge of collecting royalties from actors and singers. And out of nowhere, relieved of his grief, he said that he had hand-delivered a check for four million pesos to one of the daughters of the Prince of Song, José José, and her name is Marysol,” added the driver of Sale. Sun.