Surprise in a boxing match: a referee received a blow and had to be removed on a stretcher

Positioning in the ring is one of the most important points for a judge when conducting a match. And the Mexican judge Jesus Granados stopped in a bad sector for a few seconds in the confrontation they starred in Irvin Turrubiartes and Gerard Valenzuela. Well, he paid for it: he received a pineapple in his chest and had to be removed on a stretcher.

The last blows of the third round were distributed when a right hook from Valenzuela did not have the desired destination for the boxer and impacted on combat authority. Granados felt intense pain and took his attention off the fight during the closing moments. The referee started circling with his arms akimbo and once he heard the bell, he reached down and touched the area where he felt the powerful aggression.

The fourth round was supposed to start, but Jesús lay down on the side of the ring, where the doctors attended him immediately. They automatically took him out of the combat zone on a stretcher for urgent care. The cameras focused on the moment in which they opened his clothing to check the magnitude of the blow and so that he could also breathe better.

The moment of impact and when Granados was removed on a stretcher

Once in the infirmary, Granados was with the medical staff for the evening and after a few minutes he recovered. As reported by the broadcast Aztec TV, the judge withdrew by his own means from the Rodrigo Quevedo gym located in the city of Chihuahua and is out of danger. “We haven’t seen anything like this in a long time. The great historical antecedent is Benny Leonard, a New York fighter who, once retired, dedicated himself to being a judge, and on April 18, 1947, when he was refereeing a minor fight, he fell dead. We make the comparison for the historical value, we do not want this to reach such a definition, “explained one of the commentators.

A colleague was in charge of continuing to command the confrontation that led to Turrubiartes’s victory by knockout in the seventh chapter. Gerardo Valenzuela fell for the first time in his career and was left with a record of 10 wins and one loss while Irvin once again stretched his impressive 24-0-1 record by having only one draw against Gustaño Piña Melgar at the end of 2021.


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