Surprise in Italy: workers found a glass with the goddess Roma dating from the fourth century

Surprise in Italy: workers working on the subway found a glass with the goddess Roma dating from the fourth century (EFE) (Ufficio Stampa Roma Capitale /)

The work of subway in the Italian capital does not stop giving surprises. As the land progresses, it reveals relics of the past that enrich the local culture but also delay work. This time, the workers of the C line they noticed a golden glass with the image of the goddess Romawho coincidentally gave the name to the city, while they were excavating.

The first analyzes carried out on the piece suggest that it dates from the 4th century and would correspond to bottom of a glass or a cup of the time. It distinguishes the typical iconography of the personification of the Eternal City: a warrior woman in classical profile with a helmet and spear.

“Golden glass is a very rare find, but this one has no comparison,” said the Rome City Hall archaeologist, simona moretta.

They find a glass with the goddess Roma in the subway works of the Italian capital
It is the first time that a gold vessel has been found with the personification of the city of Rome (EFE) (Ufficio Stampa Roma Capitale /)

As he continued, the object could have been a gift or a decorative element, classic of the time and remarked that “a gold vase with the personification of the city had never been found.”

More in detail, Moretta explained that it was originally the bottom of a cup or glass, so it could be appreciated when consuming a drink. However, in the event that it was a piece of decoration, it would have been more hidden.

On the other hand, the archaeologist mentioned that since it was a “precious object, when it broke or splintered they did not want to throw it away.” That explains, then, that by not being able to repair it the background was cut out to be displayed on a piece of furniture or hung on a wall.

The object was found under several layers of soil and will be taken to a museum arranged at the station Metronia Portal where people can come to appreciate it.

“The thousand-year history of our city never ceases to amaze and enchant the world”celebrated Roberto Gualtieri, mayor of Rome, on his social networks after learning of the discovery.

Roberto Gualtieri tweet
Roberto Gualtieri tweet

Meanwhile, days ago, during the repair work on the sewer near the Appia Antica (Via Appia), the first highway of ancient Rome, workers found a life size statue of a roman emperor. The figure, which pose as the classic hero Herculescame to light when an excavator was removing the old pipes that needed to be replaced.

“This face appeared, and then it was immediately identified as a character dressed as Hercules,” he told the agency. Reuters Francesca Romana Paolilloan archaeologist from the Appia Antica park who was supervising the work.

The marble sculpture presents the typical wrinkles on the forehead found in representations of emperors of the third century, a time of deep crisis for the Roman Empire.

The statue of a Roman emperor posing as Hercules found during a play
The statue found during a work is being cleaned and restored (REUTERS) (GUGLIELMO MANGIAPANE /)

The figure presents a “great resemblance” to Emperor Deciuswho ruled Rome between AD 249 and 251, added Paolillo, noting that it is “quite rare” to find Herculean depictions of Roman leaders.

Decius was the first Roman emperor killed in combat, precisely in which he faced the goths in the current Bulgariaand was also the author of the first organized persecution against Christians.

During the work, the piece -consisting of several parts- was damaged by what is being cleaned Y restored before exposed to the public.

(With information from EFE and Reuters)

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