Surprising video of an eight-month pregnant UFC fighter in a sparring match

The female fighters of UFC Nina ansaroff and Amanda nunes They are preparing to receive their first daughter, who will be born in September. While finalizing details for the birth and arrival at the home of the little girl to be called Raegan ann, they do not lose sight of the training required by the high performance discipline in which they both perform.

In the last hours, Ansaroff shared a video on his social networks that surprised his fans. In the pictures, She is seen with her 34-week (eight-month) pregnant belly in a sparring match with her wife at a gym. The American connects some punches and also kicks at Nunes’s gloves, making it clear how she maintained her agility in the last half.

“How long after giving birth can you have a negative pregnancy test?” Asks the fighter at the bottom of the video that generated surprisingly positive reactions from fans. Far from criticizing her, the majority congratulated her for continuing to train and for staying healthy during pregnancy.

The fighter shows her pregnancy on social networks (@ninaansaroff)

The American is not the first high-performance athlete to show what her training is like with an advanced pregnancy. The tennis player Serena Williams and the soccer player Alex morgan they also did long ago.

When announcing her pregnancy in March of this year, Ansaroff, 34, had already warned that her plan was keep fighting after your daughter is born. Until last year, the fighter competed in the UFC strawweight category and is fifth in the ranking of that division.

His couple Amanda Nunes is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC women’s rankings. She is the first woman to be a champion in two categories (rooster and feather) simultaneously in the leading mixed martial arts company and the first openly lesbian fighter to do so.

The couple announced the pregnancy in March
The couple announced the pregnancy in March

The brazilian you prefer that your partner does not rush back to the Octagon after giving birth and, in a recent interview, he cited the case of his colleague Mackenzie Dern, who suffered the first loss of his career in a fight against Amanda ribas when it was only four months since she had had her baby.

“For me it was too early, I could have waited a little longer. Nothing is going anywhere. What has to be, has to be, “said the best fighter in the UFC, 32 years old.


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