Susana Zabaleta imitates Featherweight and challenges him to sing together

Singer Susana Zabaleta challenged Featherweight to sing together at the Lunario, something the soprano would love who even imitated him at the end of the premiere from the current season of “The vagina monologues” at the Lebanese Theatre.

“Compa, what do you think of that girl? The one who is dancing alone”, it was the snippet of the song of Featherweight that Susana sang imitating the voice of the interpreter of corridos lying downwho this Thursday turns 24 years old.

The theme was aired because the vocalist spoke about the series of concerts that he performs in the Lunario of the National Auditorium where every two months he appears there and tries to make presentations with different themes.

“Last time it was Broadway and now it’s going to be a bandI would love that (Featherweight) dared to sing with me, imagine; there are several (musicians) at the table and we are going to see who says it isí, who dares to climb to sing even in the Lunario.

“I know that they sing like this for multitudes, but it would be incredible if they dared to sing with me; Julión (Álvarez) no, I almost killed himI don’t think he’ll say yes, after all the things I told him, but now they don’t sing ugly to women anymore and that’s nice”.

Directed by her daughter in “The Vagina Monologues”

Zabaleta was fascinated to be part of “The Vagina Monologues”, especially since it was directed by his daughter Elizabeth GruenerWho arrived from England to be in this play, as well as in “Toc Toc”.

“It is the first time that my daughter directs me, it’s such a strong text that I did 27 years ago, I think it’s putting your whole life In this work, I feel immense pride and it fascinates me that be here in Mexico giving us what you have learnedor, filling us with his art and most grateful with Morris that he has left her.

In these monologues they are both together with Sophie Alexander-Katz where they talk about different stories of women of all ages, from infants, adolescents, to adults and seniors, whose common thread It is the female sexual organ.

“We are full of people who don’t know themselves and that men do not allow that the woman feels, many things like that still happen and hopefully this text that is valid after 30 years continue helping women to meet to seek to explore physically and mentally and sentimentally”.