Suzuki suspended production in Hungary due to supply disruptions due to Houthi attacks in the Red Sea

An employee works on the assembly line at the Hungarian plant of Japanese carmaker Suzuki in Esztergom, Hungary, October 19, 2022. REUTERS/Bernadett Szabo/File (BERNADETT SZABO/)

Japanese car manufacturer Suzuki suspended production in Hungary today for a week due to supply chain disruptions caused by the Houthi rebel attacks from Yemen to ships in the Red Sea.

The company plans to restore production next Monday at its plant in the city of Esztergomwhere it manufactures two sport utility vehicles, the Vitara and S-Cross models.

Houthi rebels have been carrying out attacks on commercial ships owned by Israeli companies or believed to be linked to Israel, and Suzuki has suffered the offensives with delays in delivery of engines and other parts to its Hungarian plant.

In response to the attacks, United States and the United Kingdom They bombed Houthi positions in at least six provinces of the country last Thursday and Friday. Yemenbut the group, backed by the Iran regimeattacks on ships in the area have not stopped.

Both countries, in addition to Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand and South Koreaissued a joint statement in which they defended that the attack was committed in favor of freedom of navigation and international trade.

Japan later joined nations justifying the bombings, claiming that the Houthi rebels continue hindering the right and freedom to navigate in the Red Sea and in the waters surrounding the Arab peninsula, and that the bombing “is a measure to ensure that the situation does not escalate.”

Houthi missile hits US cargo ship

A missile reached this Monday a American-owned freighter off the coast of Yementhe day after Houthi rebels fired a projectile at an American destroyer.

“Iran-backed Houthi militants fired an anti-ship ballistic missile from areas of Yemen (…) and hit the M/V Gibraltar Eaglea Marshall Islands-flagged container ship, owned and operated by the United States,” confirmed US Central Command.

An American ship during a maritime security operation in the Mediterranean Sea within the framework of Operation 'Guardian of Prosperity'.  Europa Press/Contact/Mc2 Nolan Pennington/US Na/Archive
An American ship during a maritime security operation in the Mediterranean Sea within the framework of Operation ‘Guardian of Prosperity’. Europa Press/Contact/Mc2 Nolan Pennington/US Na/Archive (Europa Press/Contact/Mc2 Nolan /)

For its part, the British security agency Maritime Trade Operations had reported on its website that a “ship was hit from above by a missile”, without giving more details. “The captain reports that a missile hit from above the port side of the ship“said the British Navy’s Commercial Maritime Operations (UKMTO) entity in an alert, in which it specified that the incident occurred about 95 nautical miles southwest of Aden.

The UKMTO did not provide details on the damage caused by the missile, while the Houthi rebels have so far not claimed responsibility for the actionalthough they stated this Monday that they will continue to prevent Israeli ships from sailing or heading to Israeli ports, according to Al Masira television, controlled by the rebels.

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