Swollen and convalescent, Eduin Caz, from Grupo Firme, reappears

The singer is recovering from a surgery that he could not postpone any longer

Eduin Caz, the vocalist of Grupo Firme appeared in a video to explain the reason why they had to postpone the concert they would offer at the Foro Sol on February 10 for a month.

The singer appeared swollen and with wounds on his nose after being operated on for chronic sinusitis, as he explained it with Shakira’s new music in the background; Caz confessed that he did not want his fans to see him in that state, but he found it necessary to speak and ask his followers for patience so that he can recover and offer a quality show.

Caz announced that he still needs to be operated on for the hernia he is suffering from, so there will be days of recovery and he must rest for the process to come to an end.

Some netizens questioned the real reason for Eduin’s surgery, speculating that it would have been a cosmetic intervention; What most caught the attention of some netizens was the music played in the background: “Bizarrap Music Sessions #53”.

A few minutes ago Grupo Firme announced that the concert at the Foro Sol would be postponed to safeguard the health of its vocalist.

“Eduin will follow the treatment established by his doctors and must rest for several weeks, which is why he will not be ready for the date as scheduled in February.

«Making this decision has not been easy, but we want the best for Eduin, for his well-being and that his quality of life is in optimal conditions so that he can do what he likes to do the most: be on stage singing with all of you in a Grupo Firme show”, it reads.