Sylvia Pasquel revealed how she would like her funeral to be: “I don’t want tears”

Due to their extensive influence and the fame they garnered throughout their careers, artists have a large number of people who love and care about them, so that when they die, their mourning ceremonies are usually loaded with deep sadness and their families receive countless condolences.

This morning, the actress Sylvia Pasquel revealed how he would like his funeral to be when the time comes for him to leave this world, the reflection took place in the program The sun rises, a space to which she gave an interview for the reopening of her forum, where she herself is a producer.

Regarding the funeral, the daughter of Silvia Pinal explained that she does not want to follow the tradition of people’s behavior, because they would not like their loved ones to be crying or mourning their death, “I would like it to be like the party I experienced”, mentioned for The sun rises.

Pasquel does not want his loved ones to suffer (Photo: Instagram / @ sylviapasqueloficial)

The subject of death and what he would wish for his own farewell came up because he remembered Enrique Rocha, the famous soap opera actor who passed away last November 7. Pasquel shared that he met several liqueurs with his colleague and found it very sad that his funeral had been nostalgic.

Clarified that you don’t want hopelessness invade your loved ones when you pass awayBecause she has already lived through the grieving process many times and knows very well that it is not an easy situation to cope with. “Well, I already have several of those and I say ‘Oh no, what horror!’, I don’t want them to be there crying for two days “, mentioned in the morning of Television image.

Sylvia Pasquel and Rocio Banquells
The actress explained that she wants music, canapés and wines for her wake (Photo: Tv Azteca)

Sylvia Pasquel wants her wake to be a reason for gathering and she even detailed some elements that she would like them to give at her funeral, which are very far from the traditional coffee with bread that is usually given to loved ones of a person. “I want it to be like a party, that you invite people to a party, let there be music, that they get some canapés, some tequilitas, a good wine “, he mentioned.

The soap opera actress even specified what she wants her to do with her body once it’s no longer alive, Sylvia Pasquel wishes to be cremated and that her ashes remain for eternity in her house in Acapulco.

“I want that in my wake there is music, that they sing, that they laugh, let it be like the party that I lived, I don’t want tears or dramas and (then) that they incinerate me and put me or bury me in the garden of my house in Acapulco to be seeing the bay of Acapulco all the time “, mentioned in the program Television image.

Sylvia Pasquel already has her will ready
Sylvia Pasquel wants to be cremated and that her ashes remain for eternity in her house in Acapulco (Photo: Instagram / @ sylviapasqueloficial)

In this program, the talented actress did not reveal if her last wishes were already established in writing in a legal document or if her loved ones already had knowledge about your decisions for posterity.

One month ago, Sylvia Pasquel surprised his followers by recreating one of his most iconic scenes in the soap opera Loving You Is My Sin, a Televisa production by Ernesto alonso, the melodrama was broadcast during 2003 and 2004 through the then Stars channel.

Sylvia Pasquel gave life to Isaura, one of the villains of the soap opera. Your character he saved money on his mattress and one day the cleaning staff of the house where he lived threw it in the trash.

In immense despair, Isaura runs off to chase the truck and, in the face of helplessness, cries while shouting: “My savings! My money! So much so that it cost me to save it! ”

Since Sylvia Pasquel uploaded the fragment of the soap opera to his Tik Tok account, thousands of users turned it into a trend and were the same Internet users who asked the famous actress to reinterpret the characteristic moment.