Sylvia Pasquel talks about the controversial paternity test of Luis Enrique Guzmán

Follow the battle between Mayela and Luis Enrique.

The scandal between Mayela Laguna and Luis Enrique Guzmán does not stop.

After what Luis Enrique Guzmanson of Silvia Pinal and Enrique Guzmanensure that the paternity test between him and Apollo, son of Mayela Lagoonwhich was negative, now the mother of the minor raised her voice before the cameras and does not take away the dream that her son loses the name Guzmán.


My son is the son of Luis Enrique Guzmán PinalThey are the same, they are identical. I am going to sue him for all the moral damage that he is causing me and my son; He doesn’t even give me alimony. I am not interested in anything (of the supposed inheritance that will leave him Alejandra Guzman to his son), that they take away the last name Guzmán from my son right now. I’m not interested, I’m interested in living a calm and peaceful life with my son, as you saw him right now, my son is happy, he doesn’t need anyone else, he’s happy right now.”

“My son does not deserve a father like him, he is a super cool, super educated, super cute child, he does not deserve a father like him, who is unknown nationally,” Mayela declared for the program Gossip Not Likeand finished by saying that “the arrival of Apolo brought happiness to the Guzmán Pinal family.”

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Moments ago, Sylvia Pasquelhalf sister of Luis Enrique Guzmanspoke about the new problem that has his family in the eye of the hurricane.

“It’s a very sensitive issue, I don’t have to comment on anything, however Luis Enrique is my brother, he is my family and I am here for whatever is needed.”

Regarding the family relationship she has with little Apollo, the actress mentioned: “I treated him, I met him, he is a very adorable child, but I am not going to say anything else,” he expressed to the program windowing.