Sylvia Pasquel would not have attended Michelle Salas’ wedding after suffering an accident

  • The actress was on vacation in Turkey and was expected to later arrive in Italy for her granddaughter’s wedding.

Michelle Salas’s wedding It was a great event that none of the guests wanted to miss, however, the big absentee was the model’s grandmother, Sylvia Pasquel, who was known to be very enthusiastic about living Michelle’s marriage.

Although until a few days ago it was not known why the actress did not attend Michelle Salas’ wedding, There has recently been speculation that he may have had an accident while on vacation in Türkiye.

Through Instagram, Sylvia Pasquel shared that she was on vacation in Greece and then arrived in Turkey, country where she would be until it was time to go to Tuscany in Italy, a place that was chosen by Michelle Salas for her wedding with Danilo Díaz to take place.

However, the program The fat and the skinny shared on Instagram that apparently Sylvia Pasquel had an accident in Türkiye, which is why she had to go to the hospital for treatment.

After this, the mother of Stephanie Salas He did not attend his granddaughter’s wedding even though weeks ago in meetings with the press he mentioned that he would be present at this important moment in his family.

In the image you can see Sylvia Pasquel in a hospital bed while wearing an oxygen mask. In another photo you can see one of his arms with several bruises.

So far it has not been revealed what happened to her and neither the actress nor anyone in her family has issued a statement in this regard to clarify or deny said information.