Taiwan announced its new ambassador to the United States

Taiwan announced its new ambassador to the United States after the resignation of the previous diplomat to compete for the island’s vice presidency (REUTERS) (BEN BLANCHARD/)

Taiwan announced this Wednesday his new ‘de facto’ ambassador in USAafter the previous diplomat, Hsiao Bi-khimwill resign to compete as vice president in the elections to be held next year.

Bi-khim, who had already managed to make good contacts in Washington, announced his resignation from the position last month, forcing the island’s authorities to look for a replacement for this key position. Thus, Taipei confirmed in the last few hours that the position will be occupied by Alexander Yuia veteran official, Taiwan’s representative to the European Union since June.

Yui’s resume indicates that he was vice foreign minister and headed Taiwan’s office in Geneva. Furthermore, he not only has experience in the matter but is also trilingual and speaks Spanish fluently, thanks to which many links in the region could be promoted more easily.

alexander yui interview
Yui speaks Spanish fluently so many ties in the region could be promoted more easily

President Tsai Ing-wen “looks forward to using Yui’s interregional diplomatic experience to help promote the continued deepening of relations between nations on the existing solid foundation,” the presidential office said in a statement.

For its part, the vacant position in Brussels will be filled by the deputy minister of Foreign Affairs, Roy Leea rising career diplomat.

In the official announcement, Yui and Bi-khim were described as “ambassadors” even though this is not the actual position since Washington does not formally recognize the Taipei government and instead maintains formal relations with Beijing.

In any case, the appointment highlights the good state of diplomatic relations between the United States and Taiwan, which in recent months have become good allies in the face of China’s attempt to advance in the region, with support from international organizations and even arms shipments.

The United States is one of Taiwan's main allies at the moment (REUTERS)
The United States is one of Taiwan’s main allies at the moment (REUTERS) (Tyrone Siu/)

In this context of growing tensions in the area and a race against time to achieve greater contacts with the West, Taiwan will celebrate its elections presidential elections in which the current president will not be able to appear because she has been at the head of the country for two terms.

The two main opposition parties will enter the race, the Kuowimngtan (KMT) and the Taiwan People’s Party (PPT), and they will do so separately despite efforts to present a single list that faces the ruler Democratic Progressive Party (PDP). The formula will compete for the first Hou Yu-ih – Jaw Shau-kongwhile the second party will have on its ballot Ko Wen-je and Wu Hsin-ying. Meanwhile, the PDP will present as candidates William Lai and Hsiao Bi-khim.

The latter is the favorite couple according to the latest surveys since, according to island experts, the Taiwanese see great possibilities of continuing with the close bond that was reached with the United States or even intensifying it with greater support and protection against maneuvers. enemy military.

The PDP will present William Lai and Hsiao Bi-khim as candidates, the favorite couple according to the latest polls (REUTERS)
The PDP will present as candidates William Lai and Hsiao Bi-khim, the favorite couple according to the latest polls (REUTERS) (ANN WANG/)

China, for its part, is also expecting this result since it considers Lai a “separatist” within the PDP, a party with which it cut off communications since 2016 after the party won the elections that year.

(With information from Reuters)