Taiwan assured that it will strengthen military exchanges with the United States

The President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, with a representation of the United States Congress that traveled to Taipei. (REUTERS) (TAIWAN PRESIDENTIAL OFFICE /)

taiwan promote military exchanges with USA to curb “authoritarian expansionism,” the president said on Tuesday Tsai Ing-wen after meeting with visiting US lawmakers.

The five-day visit by members of the US Congress comes after a top US defense official allegedly made a rare and highly secret stopover on the autonomous island. when tensions between Washington and Beijing flared over alleged Chinese spy balloons.

“Taiwan and the United States continue to strengthen military exchanges”Tsai said after meeting with the US delegation at her office in Taipei.

“In the future, Taiwan will further actively cooperate with the United States and other democratic partners to face global challenges such as authoritarian expansionism and climate change.

Tsai did not provide further details on what the future trades might entail.

Taiwan assured that it will strengthen military exchanges with the United States.  (Reuters)
Taiwan assured that it will strengthen military exchanges with the United States. (REUTERS) (TAIWAN PRESIDENTIAL OFFICE /)

“Visiting Taiwan is consistent with the foreign policy of (US) President Joe Biden, and in no way does it constitute a provocation to China (…) The US recognizes the importance of the relationship with Taiwan and seeks peace in the region,” he said. Democrat Ro Khanna.

The legislator has emphasized that the idea is to hold conversations with representatives of the entire political spectrum to achieve the objective of improving relations in economic and political matters.

“We come here to strengthen the economic relationship. On behalf of Silicon Valley, I have especially appreciated meeting with Morris Chang,” he said, referring to the founder of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing.

previous visit

Deputy Assistant Secretary of the United States Department of Defense, Michael Chasearrived last week at taiwan amid heightened tensions with the Chinese regime by the spy balloons detected in the last month.

His official visit to the island, which was confirmed by a source close to the newspaper Financial Timestook place less than two weeks after The United States will shoot down a Chinese spy balloon in your airspace.

Likewise, a Pentagon spokesman indicated in statements to the aforementioned medium that “US support for Taiwan, especially military, remains strong in the face of the threat posed by China”.

michael chase pentagon
US Department of Defense Deputy Assistant Secretary Michael Chase arrived in Taiwan last week.

The Chinese regime, for its part, preempted any such visit and insisted on its “I firmly reject any official contact between the United States and Taiwan.”

Washington diplomatically recognizes Beijing over Taipei, but is the autonomous island’s most important international benefactor and supports Taiwan’s right to decide its own future.

Beijing, which claims Taiwan as part of its territory and vowed to seize it one day, opposes any official exchange with democracy and has reacted angrily to a spate of trips to the island by US politicians in recent years. .

(With information from AFP and Europa Press)

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