Taiwan began computer warfare simulations to deal with possible attacks from China

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, center, inspects Taiwanese reservists participating in reserve military training in Taoyuan (AP/Chiang Ying-ying) (ChiangYing-ying/)

taiwan began this Monday five days of computerized war games in preparation for possible attacks Chinese People’s Liberation Army (EPL) at a time of rising tensions in the straits of the self-governing island.

war games online are part of the annual exercises Han Kuangin which responses to threats posed by the PLAreported the newspaper South China Morning Post citing Taiwanese military officials.

The maneuvers began on Monday in the Hengshan Military Command Center, in Taipei. As in previous years, the exercise will also include live fire testswhich will take place in July.

“The computer part of the war games is being held around the clock until Friday, testing coordination between commanders and officers in response to a PLA attack in various scenarios,” a Taiwanese Defense Ministry spokesperson said. .

“Our drills are based on the threat that the PLA will attack Taiwan in various scenarios, including their large-scale live-fire exercises that encircled Taiwan in August and the latest one in April,” he said, referring to drills conducted in response to high-level exchanges between Taipei and USA.

Soldiers take up positions during an amphibious landing drill as part of the Han Kuang military exercise last year.  (Reuters/Ann Wang)
Soldiers take up positions during an amphibious landing drill as part of the Han Kuang military exercise last year. (REUTERS/Ann Wang) (ANN WANG/)

The spokesman added that the military personnel who participated in the computerized games used the US platform Joint Theater Level Simulation (Joint Theater-Level Simulation) to rehearse joint, combined, and coalition civil-military operations.

Although the spokesman did not disclose whether US military observers would participate in the exercises, Taiwanese Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-chenghad confirmed earlier this month that US military personnel would participate in both the computerized and live-fire segments of the exercises. Han Kuang.

Last year, the United States announced a $1.1 billion military aid package for Taiwan. and that they will serve the island, whose sovereignty China claims, to reinforce its missile and radar system.

The island is one of the biggest sources of conflict between China and USAmainly due to the fact that Washington is Taiwan’s main arms supplier and would be its greatest military ally in the event of a war with the Asian giant.

Last week, Chiu Kuo-cheng revealed that Taipei has been in talks with the US government about the type of weapons it would need if Washington decides to provide a $500 million emergency military aid package.

An S70C helicopter can be seen flying around the SS793 submarine as part of the major annual exercises
An S70C helicopter can be seen flying around the SS793 submarine as part of Taiwan’s annual major “Han Kuang” exercises, in Yilan, Taiwan. July 26, 2022. (REUTERS/Ann Wang) (ANN WANG/)

Also last week, the regime of Xi Jinping returned to advocate for a “peaceful unification” with Taiwan but warned that They do not rule out “other methods” to achieve it in the midst of an increase in tension between the parties.

The escalation of tensions in the region began with the trip to the island of the then president of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, in August of last year.

During their visit, the People’s Liberation Army forces began days of unprecedented large-scale exercises around Taiwan, including live-fire exercises.

The situation worsened after the visit of the president of Taiwan, Tsai Ing Wen, to the US where he met with various US congressmen. Following that encounter, the PLA again staged three days of mega war games, including simulated precision strikes and a blockade of Taiwan.

In addition, the Chinese regime frequently carries out flights in Taiwanese airspace.

The Chinese regime claims sovereignty over taiwanwhich it considers a rebel province since the Kuomintang nationalists withdrew there in 1949 after losing the civil war against the communist army.

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