Take off Lucero and Angélica: Wendy arrived as ‘La Dueña’ and the public invents its own soap opera

Wendy, Lucero, Angélica Rivera… “I’m the owner!”

In La casa de los famosos, Wendy Guevara has confessed that she is a faithful follower of Televisa’s soap operas, which is why on the afternoon of July 4 she fulfilled her dream of recreating a mythical scene from melodramas.

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The influencer decided to go out and get wet, but she did it not only for fun, but as an actress. “I own it!” Wendy yelled as she got wet and fell to the ground.

Lucero and Angélica Rivera did the same in their respective soap operas.

Being less than 30 years old, Wendy surely saw the 2010 version called ‘Soy tu dueña’, starring Lucero and under the production of Nicandro Díaz.

But there is another generation that is more reminiscent of Angélica Rivera, star of ‘La dueña’ in 1995. It must be remembered that both Mexican editions are rehashes of the original Venezuelan telenovela called ‘La Doña’, written by the legendary Inés Rodena.

The public wants Wendy as the protagonist of a soap opera and they already made her own trailer.

‘Wencola’ is the name of the fictional soap opera that the public created from the images of ‘La casa de los famosos’ by Wendy Guevara and Nicola Porcella.

“Under the production of Juan Osorio”, and with Sergio Mayer as “El Tata”, the TikTok Denver.Daz account edited a video as if it were the entrance credits of ‘Wencola’ on Televisa. Can you imagine it becoming reality?


Wencola coming soon on the star channel 😭👌 #lacasadelosfamososmx #lcdlfmx #wencola

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