Takeoff of Starship caused a forest fire in Texas

Debris from SpaceX’s Starship sparked a fire across 3.5 acres of a state park in Texas.

The consequences of the takeoff and subsequent explosion of the SpaceX company’s Starship are still being known: the debris from the event caused a fire in a state park in Texas.

No evidence of wildlife killed as a result of the incident has been found at this time, but the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is evaluating the site and seeking post-launch recommendations.

The consequences of the flight

The Starship rocket exploded in the sky four minutes after liftoff for safety reasons. Debris from that explosion burst into flames at a nearby state park, igniting a 3.5-acre fire that was extinguished by firefighters and officers.

“Although no debris was documented on refuge-owned land, staff documented approximately 385 acres of debris at SpaceX facilities and at Boca Chica State Park,” the Texas arm of the Fish and Wildlife Service told Bloomberg. from USA

The FAA is working on a comprehensive assessment of the state park and is enforcing all wildlife protection laws to determine the exact damage to the environment from this attempted flight.

everything was consulted
Because the FAA is the one that provides the guidelines for companies like SpaceX to have a contingency plan in case of explosions, this process was immediately activated when the spacecraft exploded.

SpaceX has begun removing debris from sensitive habitats and will also produce its own wildlife and vegetation report to submit to federal agencies.