Talents from San Luis Potosí share the stage with famous artists at FENAPO 2023

At the 2023 Potosina National Fair, the dreams of the Potosinos do come true, from meeting their favorite artists, receiving an autograph and even singing with them or opening their concerts, thanks to the interest of Governor Ricardo Gallardo Cardona in supporting them and making people’s requests come true.
In the 81st edition of FENAPO, the Governor of the State made it possible for the regional Mexican singer Oscar Torres and his Norteños to open the concert for Los Tigres del Norte at the Teatro del Pueblo, after the young artist asked him to. “to the godfather” on a banner through their social networks. Even he and his people not only opened the musical evening of “the bosses of bosses”, but even greeted them, talked and lived with them.
Similarly, the young woman from Valle, Kendra Ramírez, was able to fulfill her dream of meeting her idols, Los Tigres del Norte at FENAPO 2023, who signed a collage she made with their photos and memories of their concerts. With the hashtag #Graciaspadrino, she demonstrated her gratitude for her success.
On the second day of the fair, the international Cristian Nodal welcomed little Alexa, originally from Sinaloa, with whom he shared the stage of the Teatro del Pueblo to sing with her the song “Tell me how you want”, earning an ovation for both from all attendees.
In the 2022 edition, a singer from Valle asked the State Governor Ricardo Gallardo for the opportunity to sing with Cristian Castro and during the concert, in front of thousands of people from San Luis Potosí, he made it possible by performing with him the song “I will never forget you”. .
For all these reasons, FENAPO also fulfills the magic and dreams of many men and women, who also aspire to be on the big stages of the show, to be as big as their own dreams lead them to achieve.