Talina Fernández exclusively: “I think about death every day”

PHOTOS: OCTAVIO LAZCANO. A cigarette at one in the afternoon calms Talina Fernández’s anxiety in what has been a day full of interviews. From the favorite sofa in her house, the driver shoots reflections that could well end up in a magazine headline, like ours. Next to her is María Levy, her granddaughter, an exact copy of her late daughter, Mariana. Together they promote a podcast in which taboos do not exist, but the trust and understanding that came with time do.

“About four years ago we decided to meet again from a super special place, super beautiful. From a place of very close friends, very accomplices, very confident, and I think it was a turning point in our relationship because, far from seeing each other as grandmother and granddaughter, we began to see each other as beings, as individuals who had a whole story, a whole background. , a whole feeling, a whole path traveled. So it was very magical because we realized that we were the best friends in the world, that we had too much in common and that we shared the most fundamental principles and values ​​because we are one”, María tells us about the episode in her life that gave rise to this project. .


For her, the possibility of dying is not something that terrifies her; on the contrary, she sees it as completely natural. “I think about death every day, perhaps because the moment is approaching, because I am 78 years old, because I await what follows. Life doesn’t end here, daddy; yes it is true that I am going to have to leave great loves, but when I leave I am going to meet others just as important; I am not afraid of that transition, in any way. I think we are all alive forever, albeit in different spaces. And yes, it’s going to be awkward to say ‘Goodbye’ to everything I love: my granddaughters, my children… but I’m going to meet my daughter, my mother, my father, my grandmother. I’m not afraid of death, but it’s becoming more feasible because it’s your birthday and you’re getting closer to the door where you’re going to fly like Peter Pan.

If Talina Fernández has not lost something, it is her clarity and positivism even in the storm: “I am very well, living difficult moments, and honoring the phrase that I always say: ‘The one who throws me is born, but not the one who leaves me on the ground ‘. And then I’m throwing forward. Life will give you everything. Whoever believes that in life you are going to be happy all the time, he is an idiot. In life we ​​have to appreciate the happy moments, realize that we are being happy, because that evaporates. As a woman I try to always be happy, although when she died my daughter could not find happiness anywhere. But I was born very happy. I don’t know why, but I always have a good sense of humor, that has also helped me”.

Now that she is experiencing a difficult situation with the accusations of sexual abuse that Danna Ponce made towards her son, Coco Levy, the 78-year-old television presenter is honest and confesses that the podcast has not served to drain her problems. “I was not sick, I do not need therapies at this point in my life, I am already very therapeutic; For me, the project has been the blessing of being able to enter more into my granddaughter’s life, of getting to know her better. She is one of the four loves of my life: she is one more daughter because after she left, Mariana, she came to join my life as a daughter”.

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