Tammy Parra assures that Zac Efron kissed her; that’s how she met him

  • The influencer told her followers the occasion in which she met the protagonist of ’17 again’

Tammy Parrawho a few months ago went viral on social networks when she found out that her fiancé had been unfaithful, has now told her followers that a few weeks ago thad the opportunity to meet Zac Efron and that even the actor kissed her.

Tammy Parra uploaded a video to her social networks in which she told her followers the occasion in which met zac efron something that undoubtedly many people want.

The influencer mentioned that she traveled to Los Cabos with her friends Doris Jocelyn and Scardy. The three stayed at a luxurious hotel and attended a party organized by the place. It was there that a man approached her, but since he spoke English she ignored him.

Everything changed when a friend told him that he had met Zac Efron and talked to him. After this, Tammy asked him to take her to where the actor was.

Tammy and her friends approached Zac Efron, saying hello and asking for a photo, but the actor just wanted to talk to them. Something to which they agreed, although the security of the famous asked them to leave.

The famous explained that it was at that moment when Zac Efron kissed her and although many would expect that he would have kissed her on the lips, this was on the hand.