Tania Rincón and Daniel Pérez announce separation after 11 years of marriage

The driver from today, Tania Rincon and her husband Daniel Perez announced through social networks that their relationship as a couple has come to an end, and that this decision was made since the month of January from the deep love they have.

First, visibly sadthey shared a video in which they indicated that through a text They would make an important announcement.

through a message that they accompanied with a family photo in the that they and the two children appear that they have in common, the ex-partner thanked those who accompany them in this moment of transition.

«Always our networks They have been our ally to tell them news or what happens in our day to day. Today we want share Dani and me that from the pastIt’s January we decided to separate and end our relationship as a couple. Is decision we made from our deep love and understanding that we always we will have each other. We have and will continue to form a beautiful family. We appreciate the love and support of our family and friends right now of transition,” it reads.

Another host of “Hoy” separates

After last week Andrea Legarreta announce their separation by Erik Rubín after almost 23 years of marriagenow it does Tania Rincón, who in September 2022 celebrated 11 years Married.

On Instagram they exchanged a loving message in which he wrote:

«that little pause what makes you sigh, smile and realize how happy you are. Thank you for these 11 years of marriagethanks for these 14 years of being a couplethanks for the amazing children you gave us, I love you puppy @taniarin ».

The host of “Today” he responded with a “I love you love pup so much.”

Although the couple disabled comments in their recent publication announcing that separate, netizens have expressed their disappointment before the news in other photos of the ex-partner.

“How is it possible that after a few months love has ended just like thatToday I found out about their breakup as a couple, well where did the love go? andor thought that their relationship It was one of the strongest.”